The Future of Startup Fundraising is Here


Over the past few months, I have had several conversations with fellow startup founders regarding startup fundraising. Some discussions have been survey-like to discuss the idea for Caena while many have been casual, catchup chats. There has been one constant theme — founders are weighed down by the stress of fundraising.

“I am overwhelmed, fundraising is full time and leaves little room for anything else”

“I am so swamped as we are preparing for our next funding round”

“I am in the middle of a fundraise. Sadly, I have very little time to spare”

I have joked severally that Caena is coming to the rescue. Finally, after five months of building in the background, we are live. This is an early, MVP version which we are beta testing with a limited number of users. Nevertheless, I am super excited to celebrate this milestone.

Caena is making it simpler for startups to raise capital by automating manual and time-consuming tasks across the fundraising cycle. In short, Caena makes startup fundraising faster, more affordable and more accessible. Manual prospecting on Google and Crunchbase can be a difficult and time-consuming process, so is creating financial projections in spreadsheets. But by using our platform, founders can build financial models in hours rather than days, access the right investors and access curated business intelligence to support decision making. We’re redefining fundraising — so that you can focus more on what matters most: building your business.

Caena startup fundraising

The Caena team have worked very hard to deliver a solution to this perennial problem affecting startups everywhere. We look forward to building the next phase with you. To help us test and to gain early access to future releases, please join the waitlist here.

We would love and wait to hear from you — comments, feedback and more insights on startup fundraising pain points. Please feel free and share your thoughts with us by email or on our website.

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