Introducing: Automated Investor Updates Powered by Caena

Caena Introduces Investor Updates

New Investor Updates Tool Helps Founders Communicate More Efficiently With Investors

It is the archetypal startup success story – three startup founders (almost always all male) found a startup, remain in “stealth mode” for two years with the obligatory LinkedIn entry and emerge 2 years later with tens of millions of dollars in venture capital funding. Many founders in highly competitive, highly innovative sectors such as biotech or artificial intelligence usually start under the radar. Arguably, this move is more valuable for creating intrigue and attracting investor interest than actually protecting any intellectual property.

If the jury is out on stealth mode at the idea stage, the verdict is resoundingly clear that founders, especially those that are venture-backed, should not be in stealth mode with their existing investors. Despite investor protestations and the obvious benefits, the majority of founders do not provide regular investor updates.

Investor Updates

From a founder’s point of view, the biggest barrier to creating and sending updates is that there is no standard method for sending updates. Which means it takes too long to craft updates every month or quarter and then send out by email or any of the other methods founders attempt.

That is why we are excited to announce the launch of our new investor update tool today. Founders can:

  • Create customised investor reports highlighting what is most important to you at every point in time. Revenue gone up 5x M-o-M and you want to scream about it? You tick the box and include it in your report
  • Easily pull company information without having to create from scratch. Your financial model, investment teaser and pitch deck are auto-attached as long as you have them created / updated on your Caena account. Of course you can also choose to leave these out, just leave the boxes unticked
  • Create web links of the investor updates so you can share in those investor WhatsApp groups (in case they don’t read emails) and also post on social media or your website.


Investor Relations For Founders; Portfolio Management For Investors

It’s not only founders that this is for. As a two-sided platform for investors and founders, we are creating an accompanying solution for investors. They will be able to monitor their portfolio from Caena dashboard, send reminders to those founders who’ve slipped into stealth and see all investor updates in one place without having to search emails endlessly.

Our Investor Relations set of tools heralds a new age of startup reporting – one that’s streamlined, standardized, and speaks directly to the needs and expectations of the investment community. 

The startup reporting tool is available on paid plans only (starting from £12 a month). This is a first version of the tool and we are working on more exciting features to make life even easier for founders and investors. We appreciate any feedback so let us know what else you would like to see.

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