Caena’s subscription tiers are changing – for new subscribers

Caena Subscriptions

We are not raising prices but there will be changes in features across tiers — For new customers only

When we launched for the first time in September 2021, we had a simple mission — remove barriers that made it difficult for founders to access capital. Considering the bare nature of that early version, we had an appropriate two-tier pricing structure. A free and a £50 / month premium plan. Over the past 18 months, we ran an extended promotion offering 50% off and introduced a lower priced plan.

As a bootstrapped startup and considering our mission, we are doubly aware of how important every single $ is to founders. That said, our continued existence depends on Caena creating value for you through the features we have painstakingly built AND we receiving a small part of that value in form of customer revenues. To reiterate, we have not taken a $ of institutional funding so everything you see is from personal funds and funding from friends and family.

  • Effective 1st of March, we are introducing new subscription packages as detailed below. Some benefits available in lower tiers will now only be available in more expensive tiers
  • All existing paid subscribers as at February 28th will be automatically migrated to the next higher tier. This ensures you will not be impacted by these changes.
  • We are adding new features to all tiers including team management and financial modelling templates.

New Subscription Tiers

What is Changing?

  • Starter: this remains free forever so you can always try out our fundraising tools before you commit. However, the financial modelling functionality will be slightly limited – you will only be able to see a part of the output
  • Growth: For the same price of £10 per month, early-stage founders get access to financial modelling functionality such as full download to excel and pdf. In addition you get the base investor matching functionality – you can download your pitch teaser, get visibility to investors and see your top 5 matches
  • Thrive: Also remains at old price of £25 per month and includes the two new exciting features we’re introducing this month. With financial modelling templates, you can now create models faster than ever.
  • Scale (New!): We’ve heard from founders who want even more advanced financial modelling and investor matching functionality. With the scale subscription, you can add up to two team members and you get access to our full financial modelling and investor matching functionality
  • Old School Models: Starting from £500 per model. Need a financial model in Excel with formulae? Get in touch to discuss scope and pricing

How Do I Take Advantage of the Current Subscription?

If you’re not a paying subscriber yet and would like to take advantage of the currently slightly more generous subscriptions, pick a subscription package here and we will upgrade you with all existing subscribers on February 28. 

We are committed as ever to providing value to founders to help you succeed – with fundraising and building sustainable businesses. We hope we can count on your support also.

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