Simplifying fundraising for startups

Generate a financial model, charts and metrics in less than 30 minutes

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Slow. Expensive. Complicated.

For many startups, the fundraising process is slow, expensive, and complicated. This is due to the relationship-driven approach and the many manual, time-consuming processes involved

Our Solution

Caena is making it easier for startups to raise capital by automating manual and time-consuming tasks across the fundraising cycle.
Automise your Financial Projections

Automated Financial Projections

Easily build financial models in as little as 30 minutes rather than days, without the need for spreadsheets, complicated formulas or expensive consultants.

Access Relevant Investors

Access Investors

Identify and interact with investors that are relevant to you. No more manual prospecting, dealing with 'cold call' rejections or hassling for “warm intros”

Get key business intelligence Insights

Business Intelligence

Receive industry insights, competitor benchmarking and information specifically curated to your startup.


Save Time using Caena

Save Time

Save money using Caena

Save Money

Reduce complexity using Caena

Reduce Complexity

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