Caena for Investors

Find your next deal, evaluate startups in a fraction of the time and manage your portfolio- all in one place.

Save time
Save money
Stand out as founder-friendly

Standardisation of Financial Model Submissions

Still relying on Excel for submissions from applicants? There's a better way.

Caena lets startups and small businesses generate and share clean, formatted and standardised outputs with investors, so your expensive resources don’t have to spend hours reviewing wildly varying submissions.

The result? Drastically lower evaluation times, increased transparency and lower costs for investment firms, VCs and accelerators.

Simplifying Financial Model Submission and Evaluation

Financial Models through Caena means your expensive resources don't have to spend hours reviewing submissions that vary wildly

Caena for Investment Firms

Deal Sourcing Made Easy

With 1,000+ startups in one place, we’ve made it simple to find highly relevant deals, so you don’t waste time dealing with startups that are a bad fit. 

Plus, customise your investment thesis and change when and how you deem fit. This means you control what deals show up on your dashboard.

Portfolio Management & Support

Standardise your portfolio companies’ regular financial submissions, saving everyone time.


 Set them up for success with tools like automated financial modelling, investor matching and face-to-face workshops.

Benefits for accelerators and their startups

Benefits for startups

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