About Us

Caena is simplifying the fundraising process for startups. Our mission is to unlock access to capital for startups so they can grow and benefit society at large. 


Automation for Fundraising

We are using algorithms and emerging technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to build analytics and prescriptive tools.

These tools will help automate manual, repetitive, and time-consuming workflows across the fundraising cycle making funding more accessible to lots more startups


Our Story

How do two people – one a scientist and one a career banker – who had never met and had no contacts in common come together to start a business? By finding each other through a shared belief in the power of technology to make a difference. And one more thing; a shared thirst for learning.


For Kayode, it was at MIT that it dawned on him. If emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence were being deployed in areas such as new drug development, – saving lives by significantly cutting costs and time to market – then surely these same technologies could be deployed to solve some of the frustrations he had experienced first hand as an investment banker. 


When Kayode sought a co-founder who was experienced in data science and machine learning, but that also possessed a working knowledge of capital markets, he found one of Ashkan’s 35 published research papers on use cases of artificial intelligence in investments… and the rest as they say, is history.


Together, Ashkan and Kayode founded Caena and built the team. Today, the Caena team comprises 8 men and women across 6 cities in 4 countries. Together we are on a mission to make capital more accessible to more small businesses so they can grow and society at large benefit.

Kayode Odeleye

Founder & CEO

Askhan Eliasy